The specific coach, Athletic Director, and the entire athletic department will support every LaSalle athlete deserving of an athletic scholarship. Our coaches will do everything necessary to assist qualified athletes in their pursuit of a college scholarship. However, we will not emphasize winning at all cost or featuring one player over another to establish records, statistics, or the like. Certain athletes with potential of earning a college scholarship will be evident. Others simply wish to use athletics as a tool to assist in the admissions process to gain entrance to desired institutions.


Please keep these statistics in mind when thinking of college athletic scholarships:

  • 98 of 100 high school athletes will never play in college.
  • 1 out of every 1000 high school athletes will receive a Division I scholarship.
  • Scholarships are limited at the Division II level.
  • No athletic scholarships are offered at the Division III level.    


NCAA Clearinghouse 

All college freshmen planning to compete in athletics on the Division I or II level must be certified by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse was established as a separate organization by the NCAA member institutions in January 1993. The Clearinghouse insures consistent interpretation of NCAA initial eligibility requirements for all prospective student-athletes at all member institutions.


Students start the process at the beginning of their senior year by picking up the Student Release Form from the college counseling office. Complete the triplicate form as directed and mail the white copy with the necessary fees. The yellow and pink copies should be given to the La Salle College Counseling Office, which will send the proper forms when mailing transcripts. The final copy is sent with the student’s final semester transcript showing the student has completed graduation requirements.


Community College Athletics

The community colleges do not require NCAA clearinghouse registration. Student-athletes can attend any Community College of choice. We suggest that each student-athlete communicate with the community college coaches to gain valuable information regarding each specific program. Students-athletes must write a letter of interest or make telephone contact with a community college coach first. Once the student-athlete has made the initial contact, the coaches are allowed to speak to the student as often as needed.