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go warriors!

Southfield High School A&T


go warriors!

Southfield High School A&T

go warriors!

Southfield High School A&T

Athletic Trainer


Keirra Washington 


A Southfield native, Kierra Washington attended and graduated from University High School Academy in 2013 while playing sports for Southfield High School. She then attended Grand Valley State University and was accepted into the Athletic Training Program in 2016. During her time at GVSU, she has the opportunity to work various sports at GVSU including Men’s and Women’s Track & Field and Men’s and Women’s basketball. She was also able to intern at local high schools in Grand Rapids, such as Muskegon High School (Muskegon, MI) and Byron Center High School (Byron Center, MI). While at GVSU, she also had the opportunity to work with the Detroit Red Wings during their training camp season and assist the professional athletes with preseason physicals and injury screenings. After graduation in December of 2017, Kierra moved to Evanston, IL for 5 months to intern with Northwestern University. Here, she had the opportunity to work spring season with the football program and work alongside the National Athletic Trainers Association President, Tori Lindley. In June of 2018, Kierra became a certified Athletic Trainer. She is also CPR/AED/First Aid certified and HeadsUp concussion certified. Along with being the head Athletic Trainer at Southfield A&T providing sport coverage to all sports, she is currently enrolled at Chamberlain University looking to obtain her Master’s in Public Health and is also an assistant to a physical therapist at a local ATI in Southfield. 



Athletic Training Room Policies:

·       Students are not permitted in the athletic training room without permission or 
        while a coach or the athletic trainer is not present.

·       No foul language, inappropriate conduct, or obscene gestures will be tolerated in 
        the athletic training room.

·       All athletic training room items must be returned in the order they were issued.

·       No food or drinks are allowed in the athletic training room or on the table.

·       Each athlete being treated must sign in using the chart provided, located on the 
        cart next to the door.

·       No athletes will be allowed to be in the athletic training room unless being treated 
        or is waited to be seen.

·       Athletes must rinse off in the shower before using the cold tub.

Note - Any student-athlete that wants to return to action against the trainers' advice MUST submit a written release by the parents or guardian. 



NATA Position Statement: Management of Sport-Related Concussions

The Position statement from the National Athletic Trainers' Association that outlines the definition, recognition, and evaluation of concussions; various concussion assessment tools; when to refer to a physician; and home care for concussions.


NATA Position Statement: Head-Down Contact and Spearing in Tackling Football

Recommendations by the National Athletic Trainers' Association to decrease the risk of cervical spine fractures in football.


Parents' Take-Home Concussion Sheet

Information from the ESMP staff to the parents of a student-athlete who sustained a concussion.


NFHS Concussion Brochure

Direct from the NFHS to you - an explanation of concussions from diagnosis to return-to-play.


ImPACT Information

Follow the above link for information regarding the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT).


TEDTalk - What Happens When You Have a Concussion

Click to view the most concise explanation of concussion available.


Boston University Concussions in Football Article

A terrific source of information about concussions in football from Boston University, one of the country's leading concussion research institutions.


Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Network

A great resource that provides further information about children with traumatic brain injuries.
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